Vasiti Career Fest 2020 Webinar

Vasiti Career Fest 2020 Webinar

The Future Of Work

Manage your study space. Find a place that will maximize your productivity. Look for places away from the television, social media and other distractions. Whether it’s local library or just the desk in your bedroom, set aside a study space that you’ll want to spend time in.

Cultivate 21st century skills, capabilities and attributes. Involving yourself in practical, experiential learning via apprenticeships, internships and mentoring will go a long way to help you develop essential work skills needed to achieve your career choices.

Connect with professionals and Mentors. Mentors can provide guidance and support when choosing a career. While working professionals can also give answers to your questions and offer encouragement.

You must go the extra mile to achieve a lot. “Do the insane and sacrifice the less priorities”.

Spend more time connecting with professionals on Linkedin rather than spending all your time on other social media platforms, especially if you want to advance your chosen field.

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