The Cold Truth and Business Secrets Needed to Build a Sustainable Enterprise- Key Takeaways.

The Cold Truth and Business Secrets Needed to Build a Sustainable Enterprise- Key Takeaways.

The webinar was indeed a value packed one as the speakers shared valuable tips on a wide range of topics including: the role of passion when starting a business, planning your business for success, increasing the value of your business with business branding, marketing your business, and knowing what to focus on and how to be unique. Below are some of the lessons learnt from the webinar:

Passion: The speakers pointed out that when starting a business, it’s vital that you do something you’re passionate about because when things get tough and frustrating, your passion will keep you going. It was also stated that to actually build a profitable business, you should finetune your passion in such a way that it is actually solving a problem. If you have several passions, focus on the one that solves people’s needs because people would always pay to have their problems solved.

Planning: Furthermore, our amazing speakers stated that the secret to a successful business venture is planning. Having a clear outline for the future of the business, the tasks to be carried out and the goals of your business helps you stay aligned and in focus as well as getting you closer to success. Planning gives room for growth and expansion and this can never be overemphasized.

Branding: During this event, the speakers reiterated that branding is extremely important in business as it moves a person from being an average entrepreneur to a level of professionalism that increases the perceived value of your business. If you’re a solopreneur, building a personal brand is vital because you are the face of your business. Entrepreneurs were encouraged to pay attention to this because the little effort that branding requires has a great return on investment.

Marketing: It was shared that no one can know what you know or what you offer except you tell them. Business is more of marketing than creating. “For example, there are people who can do better than, say, Linda Ikeji in blogging but because of the way she brands herself and markets her brand, she’s experiencing good success in her business. What channels are your target audience focused on? Where do they hang out? That’s exactly where you should be”.

Unique Selling Point: Attendees were faced with a business reality that there’s really nothing new out there and there’s no need to ever reinvent the wheel to be successful in business. “What makes you stand out is how you can put your own spin on what’s already out there and make it unique to you while actively solving a problem and addressing potential customers’ pain points”.

These are some of the key takeaways from the webinar. A whole lot of value was shared by our highly-experienced speakers and it was an awesome experience for all who attended

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