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Also Empower Students

Vasiti is a fast-growing brand that builds technology platforms and optimizes the e-commerce supply chain to help student entrepreneurs scale their small businesses through selling their products or services easily to a larger market, gaining all-round support needed to scale and delivering optimum value to customers.

We are keen on an amazing experience

We ensure all our customers get a fulfilling experience that they can’t get anywhere else. We do this by building world-class technology platforms, offering unbeatable deals and providing excellent customer service. By shopping on Vasiti, you also help to grow a student’s business leading to positive economic impact. For unsatisfactory products or services, returns and refunds are fast and as easy as ABC.


We focus on making students lives easier

In addition to helping student entrepreneurs build businesses, Vasiti helps to make students’ lives easier on campus by building platforms that provide on-demand access to their needs and also empowering them through innovative programmes.

We partner with organizations interested in students

For organizations interested in the student community, Vasiti puts them in front of thousands of students so they can engage better with students and increase awareness for their products or services.

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Our Events

We empower students and youths through innovative programmes and events.

Vasiti Virtual Series

VVS consists of a series of webinars, virtual masterclasses and virtual internship. It was launched in June 2020 as a means of empowering and educating students during the COVID-19 pandemic and even afterwards. So far, we have had a couple of highly successful programmes under this initiative.

Vasiti Career Fest

VCF is a highly interactive career-empowerment programme for students to learn from the real-life experiences of professionals and get up-to-date insights from industry experts to provide students with the knowledge, guidance and support to propel them to the apex of their future career. 

Our Products

We’ve built world-class technology products with an amazing user experience.

Vasiti Marketplace

Vasiti Service Hub

Vasiti Seller Centre

Vasiti Wholesale Centre

Vasiti Events

Vasiti Virtual Internship Programme (VVIP)

Our Core Values



We always ensure we take a very professional approach to our work and give it the utmost attention and priority it deserves.



We strive for excellence and greatness is every activity, task or project that we carry out.



We are very friendly towards everyone. As a team, we treat each other like family and we extend this to all our stakeholders.

Media Features

Our work has been recognized and featured by leading media organizations.

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