Tochi Ginigeme

Tochi Ginigeme.

She is a High-end Sales Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) which is the world’s largest beer company with operations in over 150 countries. Her portfolio includes some of Nigeria’s most loved beverage brands such as Trophy Lager, Hero Lager, Beta Malt and the King of Beers – Budweiser.

She was formerly the High-end Brand Manager at AB InBev and has experience working across their offices in different parts of the world including United States of America, South Africa and Nigeria where she has been actively involved in major projects for the company including multi-million dollar projects. She also has experience working for leading companies like Union Capital Markets Limited, Sahara Group and Pal Pensions to mention a few. Tochi is also the founder of Mesh Network which is a community of entrepreneurs and professionals. She is a graduate of Economics from University of Ibadan. When she is not working, Tochi enjoys reading, cooking and is always happy to volunteer for events that promote Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment – causes she is truly passionate about