Vasiti Webinar is a free online event for students and young graduates where they would gain practical knowledge from professionals and industry experts about employment and careers, and how to prepare adequately for them especially with the rapidly changing requirements in the labour market.

These programmes have also been strategically designed to ensure they are not short-lived solutions but long term solutions that would continue to positively impact the lives of students forever. These include Webinars, Virtual Masterclasses and Virtual Internships.

The webinar which comes first is Themed –The Future of Work- Developing Essential Work Skills and Exploring Career Choices, The Vasiti Webinar would be hosted via Zoom and livestreamed to Youtube.

By being part of Vasiti webinar students will be able to:

  1. Speak to professionals and industry experts, as well as draw from their experiences and get up-to-date information on industry trends.
  2. Get guidance, valuable hacks and fresh ideas for approaching issues at entry-level positions in the workplace
  3. Develop soft and hard skills to help them scale through life and make fantastic career choices
  4. Navigate life seamlessly and become for employable with all the gems they’d gain from all the amazing industry experts.

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